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What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is the collection of processes and resources required to make and deliver a product or service to the final customer.  Typical links of a supply chain can include raw materials; component manufacturers; manufacturing and assembly plants, wholesalers and retailers.

Why is supply chain resilience important?

With supply chains becoming ever increasingly global and interconnected, even a relatively small disruption can have serious consequences for your business, in that you might not be able to deliver products or services to your customers, impacting on your profit, brand and reputation.  Unfortunately there is very little control over the causes to disruptive events in the supply chain - which can range from environmental catastrophes, IT shortage or machinery failure - however businesses are able to understand and control the consequences of these events, with the aid of this new toolkit.

Why is this toolkit free?

This website has been developed and financed by RISCAuthority, a research scheme that manages technical research and publishes best practice guidance on behalf of the UK's leading commercial property insurers and brokers.  One of the scheme's key objectives is the dissemination of knowledge and information to help support their customers on property protection and business resilience matters.  With business interruption claims on the increase, this tool has been developed to help businesses establish a stronger, more robust supply chain.

How do I use the Supply Chain Tool website?

There are three main resources available to help you get started and learn how to use the website:

·       An introduction video that gives a brief overview all of the tool’s key features and how to use them.

·       A downloadable user guide that provides detailed information on all aspects of how use the toolkit.

·       A demo account based on a fictitious bicycle company, that can be accessed by anyone, where you can test out each aspect of the toolkit before entering data in your own account.

The introduction video and demo account can be accessed from the main log-in page of the website, and all three of these resources can be accessed at any time from the ‘Resources’ page on the website.


Can the tool be accessed from a mobile device?

Yes - the tool is designed to be responsive for use across most mobile devices and screen sizes.

Can I download my data for offline viewing?

Each of the three main pages on the website (Dashboard, Assessments, Suppliers) contain an option to export all of the displayed data. Of these, the Assessments page probably contains the most useful information for offline viewing, and to aid in that a MS Excel template is provided on the Resources page.

Why has my supplier not received an email request to complete the assessment form which I sent?

Sometimes email from new or unknown sources can be directed to the Junk or Spam email folders. Ask you supplier to check all such folders in their email software. The email will be addressed from: and have a subject line of “Supply chain assessment from: **Company name**  regarding your supply of: **Product/Service**” (where the **Company name** and ** Product/Service ** will be auto-generated by the toolkit, depending on your company name and the product or service you are assessing). If they have definitely not received the email, then confirm that you have correctly entered the supplier’s contact email address and if necessary re-send the assessment request. 

Can my suppliers access my information through the assessment form?

No. Suppliers do not have access to any data on the tool, and can only submit their assessment forms and responses via a secure link.

How are the supplier and assessment risk ratings calculated?

Each answer supplied is scored using the toolkit's built-in formula and logic in order to provide an overview of all suppliers and their associated risk rating.

How is the data stored and who can access it?

All stored data is encrypted, and access to the servers and databases are controlled and monitored by approved IPSEC officers. 

Where is the data stored?

The system is hosted on a secure cloud (Microsoft Azure) within a UK datacentre and backups stored in a different UK datacentre

What personal data is stored?

We do not handle any personal data such as date of birth or national insurance number, and neither do we collect or store any non-essential details about the company such as Registration Number, VAT numbers or financial accounts.

Why do I need to upload my company logo?

This is an optional feature whereby your suppliers, on receipt of any questionnaires sent from the website, are able to associate the request for information with your company logo.

How secure is a users login/password credentials?

Passwords are hashed (one-way hash) using random and unique salt's per user, and therefore cannot be read or discovered, ensuring that two identical passwords are given a different hash to increase security.  As a result passwords can only be reset (even by admin support staff).

How secure is the data in transit?

All traffic on the site is secured by SSL 2048-bit encryption

For any support queries, you can get in touch with us at

Useful feedback?

We welcome any feedback you may have on this tool so that we can continue to improve and develop our service.
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